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Robert R. Robles

I’m Robert Robles, Independent Program Attorney for the State of Oklahoma. I have been an attorney for U.S. LawShield for the past five years. During that time period, my entire career as an attorney, I’ve been an avid sportsman, hunter, and work closely with gun collectors making my own firearms. I love the science of ballistics and the history of firearms in general.

What got me interested in the Second Amendment was reading the Constitution. Then, as an attorney, encountering the laws and realizing they do not make any sense. The Constitution says one thing, however, the laws of the State of Oklahoma do not agree, and yet, juries are instructed that the law of the State of Oklahoma somehow trumps or supersedes the constitutional rights. You read the Second Amendment and it says the federal government shall make no laws abridging a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, and that’s basically ignored.

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A lifelong hunter and gun enthusiast, Robert has competed in nationally sanctioned bench-rest competitions, club sanctioned pistol, military rifle, skeet and trap competitions. He is a lifetime member of the NRA, Oklahoma City Gun Club and the Okia Shooters Bench-Rest Club. He is passionate about the U.S. Constitution and the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.

Robert is the program attorney for the state of Oklahoma with US Law Shield. Since 2013, he has spoken on guns and gun law to hundreds of Oklahomans at American Legion halls, churches, schools and gun shops. By phone he has talked to and answered questions about guns and gun laws to hundreds more. He has been interviewed on radio and TV regarding gun laws, legislation and events.

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