Oklahoma has relatively lax laws regarding background checks and gun ownership by convicted criminals. In the state, private gun sales, including those at gun shows, do not require a background check. Additionally, individuals with certain nonviolent felonies, such as drug possession, may be able to legally own firearms after their sentence is complete.

Under federal law, individuals with certain violent and nonviolent felonies are prohibited from owning guns. However, Oklahoma has chosen to opt out of enforcing these federal restrictions, leaving it up to individual convicted felons to determine whether or not they are eligible to own a gun.

This means that in Oklahoma, a convicted felon who is legally prohibited from owning a gun under federal law may still be able to purchase and possess a firearm. Additionally, individuals who may not pass a background check due to domestic violence or drug offenses may be able to bypass the check by purchasing a gun from a private seller.

Critics of Oklahoma’s laws argue that they put the public at risk by allowing individuals with criminal backgrounds to easily obtain guns. Supporters argue that the state’s laws respect the rights of individuals who have served their sentences and are attempting to reintegrate into society.

Regardless of one’s stance on the issue, it is important for individuals in Oklahoma to be aware of the state’s laws on background checks and gun ownership by convicted criminals. It is also crucial for individuals with criminal backgrounds to understand the potential consequences of illegally obtaining and possessing a firearm.