Firearms training and safety education play an important role in Oklahoma’s gun laws. These laws are designed to protect the rights of individuals to own and carry firearms, while also ensuring public safety. One of the key ways that the state accomplishes this goal is by requiring individuals to undergo firearms training and safety education before they can be issued a concealed carry permit. However, some Oklahoman’s elect to carry a firearm without a permit, thus side stepping the training requirement mandated by the permit process.

Under Oklahoma’s “shall issue” policy for concealed carry permits, individuals must meet certain basic requirements in order to be eligible for a permit. One of these requirements is completing a firearms training course. This course must be approved by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) and must include a minimum of eight hours of instruction.

The firearms training course covers a range of topics related to firearm safety, handling, and storage, as well as laws related to the use of force and self-defense. The course includes both classroom instruction and hands-on training, with a focus on teaching individuals how to safely handle and use firearms.

In addition to the firearms training requirement for concealed carry permits, Oklahoma also encourages all gun owners to receive firearms training and safety education. This is especially important for individuals who are new to gun ownership or who have not previously received formal training.

There are several organizations and instructors in Oklahoma that offer firearms training and safety education. These courses can be taken at a variety of levels, from basic instruction for first-time gun owners to advanced training for experienced shooters.

Overall, firearms training and safety education play a crucial role in Oklahoma’s gun laws. These courses help to ensure that individuals who own and carry firearms are knowledgeable about safety and the laws governing the use of firearms, which helps to promote public safety and responsible gun ownership.